Perfect White Teeth
Stop masking your breath: self confidence and perfect white teeth can be yours with a few simple solutions

Stop masking your breath: self confidence and perfect white teeth can be yours with a few simple solutions

The Western world has discovered the link between self confidence and perfect white teeth.

Your smile indicates to the world the level of self esteem and confidence that you have. In our fast-paced and competitive world, having self confidence and perfect white teeth can help you to make that all important first impression.

Rotten teeth and bad breath can thwart your self esteem. Your ambitions in the workplace and social scene are often affected by your ability to smile with self confidence and perfect white teeth.

Donít hide your teeth in pictures any longer! Smile for photos with self confidence and perfect white teeth.

Sweet or Bad Breath?

How many times a day are you doing a breath test?

Whether we are interacting with customers, employees, friends or intimates, good breath is important.

Pleasant breath is more than just a confidence boost to our outer persona, but is actually a sign of a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

With over 25 million Americans afflicted with acute bad breath, it is a signal to our country to change our eating habits.

Bad breath can devastate a business deal, an intimate moment, and may ultimately affect your ability to express yourself. Holding back from a conversation due to bad breath is both embarrassing and limiting.

Chronic bad breath is a warning sign of ill-health or an oncoming sickness, but it can also indicate more serious problems within your body.

Look to the source of bad breath, in order to determine its level of seriousness:

  • Intra-Oral
  • Extra-Oral
  • VSC

A visit to your local dentist will help you identify the source and the solution of bad breath.

Intra-oral factors that affect your breath include decaying oral cavities, broken fillings, gum disease, smoking or an overall lack of oral hygiene.

Itís very important to determine the source of chronic bad breath as soon as possible. If your dentist has ruled out any intra-oral problems, you may have a medical condition that requires attention.

Extra-oral factors in bad breath include digestive upsets, gastrointestinal problems, sinusitis, lung infections, and diabetes. Often prescription drugs are the deviant factor in causing bad breath.

Over 90% of chronic bad breath is actually caused by Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC).

VSC is an active bacterium that attacks the tissues in your mouth, emitting gases and odors. VSC can cause cavities and gum disease, and should be taken quite seriously by your dental practitioner.

Breath Solutions

So how do you maintain good and clean breath on a daily basis?

Once youíve established the source of chronic bad breath, you can begin to take steps to remedy the problem.

We all know that masking bad breath with rinses, sprays and mints arenít a real solution.

Sometimes we need to re-learn what good brushing means. Select your toothbrush with care, making sure that it has quality bristles and fits the size of your mouth.

Brush your whole mouth, not just your teeth, in order to attack odorous bacteria. Lightly brush your gums, cheeks, the roof of your mouth and tongue to eliminate bad breath.

Paying special attention to your tongue will really reduce bad breath, as this is the main site for bacteria to breed. You may even want to gently scrape your tongue once a day with an oral tongue cleaner.

The quality of toothpaste you use is also vitally important. For instance, certain mainstream brands use harmful chemicals, like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, which will only add to your health problems.

Natural toothpastes are improving all the time and use only healthy ingredients. They will help to keep your breath as fresh as mainstream brands.

Remember that your digestive system also affects your breath and that itís up to you to eat right.

If you notice an increase in unhealthy breath, take care of your stomachís health first. Nutritional enzymes and stomach cleansing herbs will help eliminate the source of any irritating toxins.

Stay on top of bad breath to combat chronic bacteria and visit your dentist regularly.

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