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Be confident - use teeth bleaching & teeth whitening products for a more beautiful smile

Be confident - use teeth bleaching & teeth whitening products for a more beautiful smile

Your best online guide to teeth bleaching procedures, including in-office tooth whitening and at home teeth whitening products.

Learn how to use teeth bleaching gel kits from the privacy of your own home, with brands like Nupro Gold, IGIA, and Nite White teeth bleaching gel.

With links to the most teeth whitening products online, you canít go wrong.

Tips and advice on professional teeth bleaching like laser bleaching and more. Keep reading for more information on tooth whitening and teeth bleaching.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Stop! Donít hide your smile any longer Ė professional teeth whitening procedures are cost effective and longer lasting.

Remove embarrassing coffee, tea, cola, and smoke stains from your teeth with professional bleaching kits.

Your dentist can lighten your teeth up to 3 shades using hydrogen peroxide.

A custom molded mouth tray is an important tool in professional bleaching procedures, as it ensures proper exposure to the bleach.


There are several types of bleaching procedures available, including:

  • Acid
  • Laser
  • Abrasive
  • Chemical

Brite Smile teeth whitening is an in-office procedure that is quite cost effective. A bleaching gel is activated by crystal lens light in order to remove unsightly stains.

Usually the Brite Smile system requires only one visit to your dentist, and will cost around $600.

Laser bleaching is the newest and most effective form of teeth whitening. Itís also an in-office treatment that requires the use of lightening gel and a special laser.

The laser treatment is a quick way to whiten your teeth in one visit, but usually costs a little more than the Brite Smile system.

Tray bleaching is also cost effective, but a more time consuming method of teeth whitening. Using this system means you can do most of the bleaching at home with a custom made tray.

See your dentist for a consultation to determine the amount of tray bleaching your teeth need. Apply the whitening gel at night or around the house and you'll experience gradual lightening of your teeth.

If you are able to maintain good care of your teeth, you can expect a newly whitened smile to last for a couple years.

Home Bleaching

Although you can buy a teeth whitening kit from your local drug store, itís not recommended.

If you prefer to bleach your teeth in the privacy of your own home, consult your dentist for a custom made program. This way you wonít overexpose your mouth to harmful chemicals.

Your dentist should provide all the materials you need to whiten your teeth at home. This is a cost effective and time saving way to get the results you desire.

Some common, take home materials include: custom upper and lower mouth trays, storage case, carbamide peroxide whitening gel, and an oral neutralizer.

On average, you should be prepared to spend 3 hours a day with a bleaching solution inside your mouth tray. This procedure usually takes place over a 2-3 week period.

Brand Names

Enhance your smile with pearly white teeth using the following high quality at-home bleaching kits: IGIA, BriteSmile, Discus Dental, Nupro Gold, Smilox.com, Ultradent, Crest, NiteWhite, and Pearlie White.

Donít forget to check out: All American Smile, Vita Health, 123White, Absolutely White, Affinity, Dentech, Enhance, Rembrant, Express, Go Smile, Prosmile, SuperSmile, FastBrite, Pearl Drops, and Zoom.

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