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Free advice on how to use an Interplak electric toothbrush to fight plaque

Free advice on how to use an Interplak electric toothbrush to fight plaque

Your ultimate guide to the history of the electric toothbrush, with a focus on sonic toothbrush features and models.

Learn how you can benefit from electric toothbrushes from Reach, Oral-B, Braun, Cybersonic, Sonic Care, Interplak and more electric toothbrush brand names.

To find out how to use an electric toothbrush, keep reading.

History of the Toothbrush

The link between good oral hygiene and good health has been known for thousands of years.

In fact, earlier Neolithic cultures chewed the ends of small twigs and tree roots to create loose fibers for their teeth.

During the Greek and Roman empires the practice of brushing teeth was incorporated into daily life and culture.

By the 1780’s a prototype of the modern toothbrush had been produced from bone and natural bristles.

America was introduced to the toothbrush in the late 1800’s, but brushing teeth didn’t become a habitual practice until after World War II.

By the 1940’s manufacturers were producing many different types of toothbrushes, including soft synthetic and electric toothbrushes.

Although the electric toothbrush was created in Switzerland during the 1940’s it wasn’t sold to consumer America until the 1960’s.

Today electrical brushes are popularized by brand names such as Squibb, General Electric, Interplak and more.

Toothbrush Style

The modern ritual of brushing teeth is introduced to most of us at an early age.

We are taught by our parents how to clean our teeth as well as the whole mouth, including the tongue, roof, cheeks, and cleaning between the teeth with dental floss.

Today we know that maintaining a daily practice of brushing our teeth will help prevent plaque and tartar build up, as well as prevent discoloring stains from interfering with our smile.

There are many different styles, shapes and brands of toothbrushes competing in America’s marketplace, including:

  • Electric
  • Natural
  • Compact
  • Specialty
  • Replacement

Electric toothbrushes are the ones most recommended by dentists. Swirling and rotating heads remove grime and debris from the small grooves in your teeth.

Although regular handheld brushes aren’t as savvy as electric toothbrushes, they offer greater variations in brush size. Choose the size and shape of brush that will fit your mouth, like compact, full, or children sized heads.

Quality bristles are also an important aspect to the toothbrush, as they clean and maintain the enamel on your teeth.

There are a few choices of bristles available, including synthetic bristles made of nylon and polyester and natural bristles made of hair.

The most important elements of the bristle to consider are their arrangement, shape and texture. Soft bristles remove plaque just as well as hard and medium toothbrushes, but soft bristles are gentler on the gums.

Replaceable toothbrush heads are the perfect solution for traveling. They are also an extremely economical way to change the heads monthly and avoid bacteria build up.

Specialty toothbrushes like interdental, aluminum titanium and laser whitening are becoming more popular ways to brush.

Double and single tufted brushes are commonly used for dentures, but are actually great for most people.

Titanium barred brushes use the law of magnetic attraction to help eliminate bacteria, leaving teeth feeling cleaner.

Brands & Models

You can find toothbrushes that are approved by the American Dental Association with many manufacturers, like Philips, Crest, Sensonic, Braun, Squibb, Sonicare, Butler GUM, Colgate, Mentadent, Cybersonic, Oral-B, Reach, Interplax and Sonicare.

Top brand names, like Poxabrush, Odyssey, Zantrex, and Trimspa, have multi-tufted and round-ended models.

Or look online for extras like toothbrush sanitizers, holders and cleaners. Let Cybersonic, Dynabrush, Kimberly-Clark, Gojo, Hometics, Germ Terminator, Oralgeine time, and Panasonic help you to maintain a whiter smile.

Cybersonic® Toothbrush

Cybersonic® Toothbrush

Cybersonic® Toothbrush Smile! Take care of your teeth and they’ll last you a lifetime. Everyone knows that they should take care of their teeth, after all, you just have one set to last you a lifetime. However, we often assume they’ll last a lifetime without any help. This could lead to gum disease, cavities and inevitably - dentures. The Cybersonic® Toothbrush is a state of the art, precision toothbrush that will keep you showing off your pearly whites for years to come. The Cybersonic Toothbrush combines simple design with precision engineering. The brush has no moving parts to fail. Sonic technology allows the brush to clean the teeth with 31,000 strokes per minute. The sonic waves generated by the brush reach between teeth and below the gumline to disintegrate plaque The sonic toothbrush system comes with a 1 year guarantee on parts, materials and workmanship (excluding brush bristles). Cybersonic Toothbrush the complete oral care system that uses sonic energy to clean, whiten and freshen. What do I get? Rechargeable Power Handle Charging Stand 2 Brush Heads 2 Flossing Attachments 2 Tongue Cleaners 4 Sonic White® Bleaching Gels 30-Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee *Automatic Brush Replacement Program - Receive 2 brush heads every 3 months for FREE. Just pay 6.99 for shipping and handling.

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