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Pet Dental Health Campaign – Virbac Embraces National Pet Dental Health Campaign
Virac Corporation is embracing a public service campaign intended to educate pet owners about pet dental health.

Tooth Decay Disease – Volunteers Help Defeat Most Common Childhood Disease
A program is aimed at giving kids the tools and knowledge to prevent tooth decay disease, which is the single most common chronic childhood disease in America.

Toothpicks – Wal-Mart Food Locations Sample Unique Plastic Toothpicks
Wal-Mart has ordered 15 million individually wrapped units of BrushPicks, the worlds best toothpicks, to sample throughout its food, restaurant and cafereria venues. BrushPicks will replace the wooden toothpicks for the world’s largest retailer's foo

Tooth Decay Study – IHS Begin Study To Prevent Mother-To-Child Tooth Decay
A tooth decay study has been started at the Indian Health Services Dental Clinic. The study is to reduce tooth decay in younge American Indian and Alaskan Native children.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry? – Affordable For Everyone
What is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry is not just for high profile people, it's for individuals like you and me, our families, our co-workers and neighbors.Cosmetic dentistry is one of dentistry's fastest growing areas.

Cavities – When Buying Halloween Candy, Think Teeth
Cavities are caused by candy, but not all candy is created equally and there are good and not so good options for satisfying every trick-or-treater's sweet tooth.

Healthy Teeth – Your At-Home Plan for Healthy Teeth
Everyone wants a bright smile and healthy teeth, but many of the things we do (and don’t do) each day conspire against a dazzling grin.

Mouth Diseases – Biotech Company To Use Probiotics To Maintain Oral Health
Biotech Company To Use Probiotics To Maintain Oral Health and get rid of mouth diseases. A probiotic is a natural bacterium or other microorganism that contributes a healthy benefit by inhibiting the growth of these disease-causing bacteria.

Improve Dental Health – BrightSMILES Gives $1.5 Million To Improve Dental Health
BrightSMILES Partnership to Give $1.5 Million to Improve Dental Health. This will effectively triple the number of grants awarded through this program increasing the availability of community-based, oral health services.

Dental Caries – Chewing Tobacco Use Linked To Dental Caries
Chewing Tobacco use linked to Dental Caries. The National Institute of Health says that chewing tobacco users are more likely to develop dental caries than those who don't use tobacco.

Dental Exposure To Mercury – Environmental Impact Of Mercury Containing Dental Amalgams
As part of an ongoing investigation into the risks of medical and dental exposure to mercury, the effects of mercury's discharge from dental offices into sewage systems will be examined.

Mercury Free Dental Material – Government To Develop Mercury-Free Dental Material
Government/Industry collaborate to develop mercury-free dental material. The National Institute of Dental Research is contributing support for the program through the American Dental Association Health Foundation's Center for Excellence.

Oral Healthcare – Governor Doyle Announces New Effort To Improve Oral Healthcare For Children
Governor Doyle announces new effort to improve oral healthcare for children. State Medicaid officials are to provide reimbursement for pediatricians under Medicaid and Badgercare for a varnish treatment for children.

Free Dental Treatments – Hundreds Of Children Receive Free Dental Treatments
Hundreds of children receive free dental treatments at the Honolulu Zoo. National Children's dental health Month was being celebrated in February with SmileFest 2002 at the zoo.

Dental Care Crisis – Kansas City Children Face Dental Care Crisis
Kansas City children face a dental care crisis, as low-income families are finding it difficult to find a dentist. In the Kansas City area, there are 923 low-income children for every dentist willing to serve them.

Dental Cavities – Lead Exposure Increases Risk Of Cavities
Lead exposure increases the risk of cavities in children and adults. Researchers indicate that 11 percent of the tooth decay seen in children today may be due to moderate levels of lead exposure.

People And Dental Care – New Center Will Study Barriers Between People And Dental Care
New center will study the barriers between people and dental care. Five centers have been funded nationwide to look for the reasons behind disparities in oral health, and how they might be reduced or eliminated.

Forensic Dentistry – OMS Leads Forensic Dentistry Team In Identifying World Trade Center Victims
OMS leads forensic dentistry team in identifying World Trade Center victims. Dental records are often the best way to identify individuals who have no finger prints on file or whose bodies have been damaged making other means of identification diffic

Dental Illness – Sparkling Smiles For Stocking Stuffers
Give your kids sparkling smiles for christmas as stocking stuffers! During the holidays, dental hygiene tends to be neglected, leaving teeth to decay after eating.

Dental Coverage – State Budget Cavities Threatening Medicaid Dental Coverage
State budget cavities are threatening Medicaid dental coverage. With growing numbers of Americans without work and dental insurance, we are headed into a real painful crisis.

Retainers – OraPik Plaque, Tartar & Stain Remover Sports New Look For Retailers
The Doctor’s OraPik Plaque, Tartar & Stain Remover sports a new look for retailers. With updated graphic images, stylish packaging, and a sophisticated look.

Oral Health America – U.S. Earns Disappointing C On Oral Health Report Card
U.S. earns disappointing C on oral health report card. The nation received its lowest grades in areas concerning prevention and access to care, showing that oral health is not a priority for policymakers.

Childhood Cavities – UC Program Addresses An Epidemic Of Early Childhood Dental Cavities
UC program in Merced addresses an epidemic of early childhood dental cavities. The program is designed to help local health professionals feel more comfortable examining children's mouths and be better prepared to educate parents about behaviors that

Preventing Cavities – UW To Study Preventing Cavities In Underserved Populations
UW to study preventing cavities in underserved populations. A clinical trial will be held this fall to explore a new way of using fluoride varnishes to prevent cavities in high risk children.

Childs Smile – A Universal Joy Shared By All Peoples Of The World
A Child’s Smile is a universal joy shared by all people of the world. That is why the Barren River District Health Department is using National Children’s Dental Health Month to kick off the KIDS SMILE Program.

Dentists Who Use Lasers – Academy Revamps Web Site To Help Patients Find Dentists Who Use Lasers
Academy revamps web site to help patients find dentists who use lasers. The US listing currently includes nearly 500 dentists in 45 different states.

Fluoride Overdose Risks – A Factor In Damaging Permanent Teeth
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry warns of fluoride overdose in children. Increased access to fluoride sources has been determined to be a risk factor for damage to permanent teeth.

Biotrol International Fluoride Products – Preventive Measures Against Cavaties
Biotrol International, makers of fluoride products and infection control products for the dental industry, announce a packaging change. Brush-On Gel 1.1% sodium neutral fluoride is now available in 2 oz tubes

History Of The Toothbrush – Toothbrushes Through Time
Displays on the history of the toothbrush are running throughout the U.S. at 9 different museums for three month intervals. They address oral care techniques, history and nutrition.

Free Oral Health Care – Dental Awareness Day
Free oral health care advice is being offered by professionals on Dental Awareness Day. Dentists across the country are giving their time for this important cause.

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