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Teeth Protection Device – New BruxGuard Offers Immediate Beauty Insurance
There is a new way to protect your patient’s esthetic investment: Introducing a new dentist-designed teeth protective device called BruxGuard.

Prevent Tooth Decay – New Guidance To Children Issued
New guidance was launched today which it is anticipated will enable dentists throughout Scotland to prevent tooth decay in children at an earlier stage and, in some cases, reverse this decay before it takes hold.

Tooth Decay Instruments – New SmartPrep Instruments Selectively Remove Decay
SS White Burs, Inc. today announced SmartPrep tooth decay instruments, a patented, self-limiting technology for conservative cavity preparation that preserves healthy tooth structure.

Smile Survey – Children In Washington Need Access To Dental Care
Dental decay remains a significant public health problem for kids, according to a new smile survey of the oral health status of Washington state’s children.

Gum Massager – Nuk Gum Massager Presents Potential Choking Hazard
Nuk gum massager presents a potential choking and/or suffocation hazard to young children. .

Dental Care Access – Welcome The Watch Your Mouth Van To Utah
Oral Health supporters to discuss progress and welcome the Watch Your Mouth Van to Utah. Utah is working to expand dental care access for children, and this is the first anniversary of the Surgeon General's report.

Good Dental Health – Orthodontic Treatment Contributes To Good Dental Health For Adults
Orthodontic treatment contributes to good dental health for adults. Age need not be a consideration, as healthy teeth at almost any age can be moved.

Dental Products – No Substitute For The Dentist
Over-the-counter dental products are no substitute for the dentist. They may offer temporary relief, but they are no substitute for seeking treatment.

Bad Breath – Protect Against Gingivitis And Bad Breath With Closys II Toothpaste
Protect against gingivitis and bad breath with Closys II Toothpaste & Oral Rinse. With patented oxygenating chlorine dioxide formulation that destroys many species of offending bacteria on contact.

Childs Smile – Protecting A Child's Smile Begins With The Parents
Protecting a childs smile begins with the parents. The parent must care for their childs teeth, and teach them to do so themselves if they expect their child to have healthy teeth.

Recyclable Toothbrush – Recycline Launches Children's Recyclable Toothbrush
Recycline launches children's recyclable toothbrush. Fueled by a growing interest in recycling, and an increasing concern for better oral health, Recycline Inc. has developed a recyclable toothbrush.

Toothbrush Sanitizer – Kills Germs That Can Attack The Immune System
Revolutionary Toothbrush Sanitizer Kills Germs That Can Attack The Immune System. Designed to kill the millions of germs that lurk on toothbrushes and can infect and re-infect the body with each tooth brushing.

Flossing – The New Waterpil Flosser & Oral Irrigator
The new Waterpil Flosser & Oral Irrigator is revolutionary, reliable and convenient. It is clinically proven to be as effective as manual flossing, yet gentle on your gums.

Toothbrushes – Rotational Oscillation Toothbrush Best At Reducing Plaque And Gingivitis
Rotational Oscillation Toothbrushes are best at reducing plaque and gingivitis. They have been proven to remove up to 11 percent more plaque than other manual or power brushes.

Oral Health Legislation – New Legislation To Be Introduced By Sanders
Sanders To Introduce Sweeping Oral Health Legislation. Designed to expand access to dental health services, the Oral Health Promotion Act creates a $140 million fund to finance expanded dental services.

Sensitive Teeth – Leaving You Out In The Cold During The Holiday Season
Are your sensitive teeth leaving you out in the cold during the holiday season? For millions of Americans who suffer from sensitive teeth, the fun-filled holidays may be moer of a a pain in the mouth.

Drill Free Dentistry – Shot-Free and Drill-Free Dentistry, New Technology, New Comfort
Shot and Drill-Free Dentistry, New Technology, New Comfort. If you are afraid to go to the dentist because of a fear of pain you are not alone.

Pet Dental Health – Company Promotes Animal Dentistry
Pet dental health is important and thats why Shure Pets, The Premier Direct Seller of Pet Products, is offering a special promotion to get Brilliance Pet Toothpaste FREE with a $50 purchase.

Dental Treatments – Smile Makeovers Sweeping The Country
Thanks in part to the success of ABC's hit program Extreme Makeover, dental treatments all across the country are now springing up.

Treating Gum Disease – Study Offers Nonsurgical Option For Treating Gum Disease
Persons with severe periodontal disease may be able to avoid surgery by treating the gum disease with antibiotics. Dental scientists report that scaling and root planing (deep cleaning of teeth above and below the gum) combined with short-term use of

Oral Health Practices – Symposium Addresses New Research And Changing Paradigms
Just a few decades ago oral health practices were unheard of. Since then significant changes have taken place in our understanding of periodontal disease.

Tooth Brushing – Ten Tooth Brushing Tips for Tots
Make tooth brushing fun for your tots with these simple steps.

Tooth Cleaning – Tooth Polisher & Plaque Remover Provides Quality Tooth Care At Home
Professional tooth cleaning can come home with The Doctor’s Tooth Polisher & Plaque Remover. This hand-held battery-operated device has the look and feel of professional tooth polishers found the dentist’s office.

Laser Dentistry – The New York Center For Laser Dentistrys the First All Laser Office in Manhattan
Laser dentistry is precise, makes dental treatment predictable and treatment painless 95% of the time. It offers the ultimate in patient care.

Teeth With Braces – Tips For Teeth With Braces
Patiens having teeth with braces need to pay special attention to keeping braces, teeth and gums clean during orthodontic treatment. By following their orthodontist’s guidance on dental hygiene and avoiding certain foods while wearing braces, patient

Tooth Whitening - A Safe And Affordable Way To Improve Your Smile
Tooth Whitening - A Safe And Affordable Way To Improve Your Smile.

Teeth Grinding – Tufts University Of Dental Medicine Offers Relief For Teeth Grinding
Teeth grinding is now a major cause of headaches, back pain and fatigue for many people. Are you one of the 10 million over-worked, over-scheduled, over-stressed Americans taking out their frustrations on their teeth?

Brushing Teeth – Twooth™ Timer Makes Brushing Fun While Promoting Dental Hygiene
With heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease being linked to gum disease, brushing your teeth is now more important than ever.

Battery Powered Toothbrush – Tyco Recalls Big Bird Battery-Powered Toothbrush
Battery powered toothbrush causes battery defection and have been reported to cause minor burn injuries to children from leaking batteries.Tyco is recalling the toothbrush to eliminate the possibility of any further incidents.

Dental Hygiene – Ulm Dental Hygiene Students Help Kids
The dental hygiene department at the University of Louisiana at Monroe participated in the Give Kids A Smile program on Friday. Thirty-five children from the local Boys and Girls Club and the YWCA battered women's shelter received -for free- services

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