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Oral Health Government Grant Allows For Greater Oral Health Education
To promote oral health, the government has given a grant to the AAPD to raise awareness to proper dental routines. Having proper oral hygiene is one of the easiest ways to keep your mouth healthy.

Smile It Will Get You Farther Than You Think
Having a nice smile is important to your self-esteem and important to the way others look at you. Confident smiles make a difference in first impressions, and help break the ice when meeting new people.

Children's Teeth Spanish Language Tips for Caring for Young Children's Teeth
CBC has now provided a program on caring for childrens teeth that is available in Spanish. The tips are simple, and include no-worry advice on how to keep your child's teeth healthy.

Dental Device Relieves Tension Headaches & Pain
A new dental device, the NTI tension supression system can help stop pain from tension headaches. The device from dentists is to be worn at night to stop clenching and muscle damage.

Toothpaste Does Toothpaste Retire When It Expires?
Does toothpaste ever actually expire? Find out all sorts of information on different toothpastes here, like why they have an expiration date.

Smiles Help Bring Proective Mouth Guards To Special Athletes
The smiles of the athletes in the special olympics are going to be protected, thanks to the Grottoes of North America. Protective mouth guards were donated so each athlete could keep their smile beautiful.

Teeth Plaque Keep Your Mouth Healthy With The Rotary Power Plaque Remover
Interplak recommends a mouth without teeth plaque for super healthy gums and fresh breath. Tooth plaque can cause a variety of dental illnesses, so why not help keep it away?

Lifestyles - Cosmetic Dentistry and Image Guided Technology
Lifestyles - Cosmetic Dentistry and Image Guided Technology.

Teeth Whitening A New Choice In Professional Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is becomming increasingly popular over the years. Everyone wants to have white teeth for that perfect smile, so why not check out the new options avaiable?

Dentist Recycling New Guidelines Encourage Dentists To Recycle X-Ray, Dental Filling Waste
Dentist recycling is strongly encouraged now that many realise the harm some of these chemicals can have on the envornment. Dental fillings and other components should be recycled so they stay out of our water and landfills.

Orthodontics Check Out The New Invisible Braces
A new form of orthodontics has emerged. Invisalign is a new form of braces where you can have proper orthodontic teeth straightening without metal braces.

Teeth Care Do Men Or Women Take Better Care Of Their Teeth?
Teeth care is something that one sex should not be better at than another. Tooth care should be universal, but unfortunatly, many do not have the proper education in oral care.

Chipped Tooth Don't Worry About Chipped Teeth In Children
A chipped tooth is not something to worry about anymore. Chipped teeth can be repaired easily by the dentist, and many times, no one will be able to notice any difference.

Cosmetic Dentistry Beverly Hills Find Out The Latest From The Trendiest Place In The World
Cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills is among the most advanced in the world. Get all the latest news and techniques from Beverly Hills offices of cosmetic dentists.

Teeth Tattoos Add Style To Your Smile
Teeth tattoos from ToothArt are the new rage. You can customize your smile with a temporary tattoo.

Dental Care Proper Oral Health Makes A Big Difference In Your Health
All children deserve dental care no matter what their ability to pay. Simple education can go a long way, and more and more agencies are popping up to fund dental care and oral health lessons.

Good Oral Health Are The Medications You Take Reflected In Your Smile?
Good oral health is important for the overall well-being of your body. Sometimes, medications can affect oral health, so it's important to know the symptoms of certain problems.

Dental Fluorosis The Silent Disease
At least three million people in England suffer from dental fluorosis. Dental diseases can cause pain in many people, most of whom don't know that it's even happening.

Bad Breath Remedies Breath Capsules Don't Work
As far as bad breath remedies go, don't count on breathassure breath capsules. The company has been sued for false advertising as the breath remedy does not work.

Bright Smile Bright Smiles Foundation Brings Bright Future to Local Graduates
Bright smile is not only a great way to whiten your teeth, but now when you buy the package, you will contribute to the future of a local graduate. Bright smile will be everywhere.

Oral Care Product Butler Introduces New Interdental Products
The new interdental oral care product by Butler is a huge step in home tooth care. The new oral dental products can help you to get the best clean of your life.

Mouth Guard Crucial To Protect Against Common Sports Injuries
Case School of Dentistry pilots mouth guard program for Cleveland athletes to prevent injuries. Mouth guards and protectors are important in helping to avoid dental issues.

Children's Dental Get Them Started Off Right
Children's dental health extremely important. Starting good dental habits early is the key that will give your child great teeth for the rest of their life.

Tooth Decay Clinical Study to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children by Treating Their Mothers
Tooth decay in children can be lessened by treating mothers during pregnancy. Diseases of the teeth are climbing in children, so new research is necessary to keep children healthy.

Dental Health New Funding Available To Help Residents Afford Proper Dental Care
Dental health is important to everyone, but not all can afford to go to the dentist. New funding in Colorado helps residents to recieve the oral care they need.

Tooth Fairy Program A Fun Way To Promote Good Dental Health
The Tooth Fairy Program has been given continued funding to help promote proper oral care in the United States. The tooth fairys go to different locations dressed up and help tell kids about going to the dentist and proper brushing techniques.

Mouthwash It Can Be Dangerous To Children
Mouthwash has been proven fatal to children in some cases. The lack of child-proof caps on some brand has led to poisioning incidents in some children, and deaths in others. The government has now enacted a safety standard for all mouthwash container

Teaching Dental Health Tooth Care At An Early Age
Many are teaching dental health to children at very young ages. The best way for children to avoid dental issues is to learn correct brushing techniques, and to be taught how to care for their teeth.

Dental Disease Poses Significant Health Problem For Santa Clara County Children
Dental disease has been found to be prevelant in low-income families, especially if they are of hispanic or asian descent. Many tooth problems are genetic, and without the money to care for them, many do not get treated.

Teeth Implants Fill The Gap
Teeth implants fill the gap for many children with missing teeth. An implanted tooth can help children feel confident in their smile.

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