Zoom Teeth Whitening
Zoom Teeth Whitening –Have A Bright And Beautiful Smile

Zoom Teeth Whitening –Have A Bright And Beautiful Smile

Are you confused about choosing the best among available tooth whiteners? Zoom tooth whiteners are the answer. Zoom teeth whitening products guarantees to render your teeth six shades whiter in just three days. Tooth whitening is the fastest, easiest and least expensive option available to ensure god looks and confidence. So, get ready for that wedding, job interview or first date.

The Zoom whitening system comes in two choices, Zoom Weekender Kit and Zoom In-office treatment. Zoom Weekender Kit makes use of whitening gel in easy-to-use syringes. The syringes are used to drop the whitener gel on each tooth compartment of the tray. Then the tray is placed in the mouth for 4-8 hours to whiten each day for three consecutive days or nights. It is a safe, fast and effective bleaching system to whiten your teeth and is exclusively available at dentists.

Zoom In-office Treatment whitens your teeth an average of eight shades in a single one-hour session. Once the whitener gel is applied, small, highly specialized lampw activate the process without causing any heat, or sensitivity to the patients.

Zoom has unique technology to accelerate whitening efficiency in two ways. First, its technology enables the whitener gel to penetrate the teeth more effectively. Second, a unique whitening activation matrix helps to control the function of hydrogen peroxide and bleach your teeth sparkling white without causing any damage to the teeth or gums. This technology helps Zoom whitening system to whiten the teeth in a shorter period of time. You can do your regular work like sleeping, exercising, driving, watching movie while using the Zoom.

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