Tooth Decay Prevention
Tooth Decay Prevention Fighting Against Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay Prevention Fighting Against Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is becoming a very common disease among children and adults, and this should not be ignored. The rate of tooth decay is increasing alarmingly. Programs for tooth decay prevention are being conducted in many places but the problems are persisting. Programs for tooth decay preventions are a must these days to avoid health complications. Decaying of a tooth can lead to many harmful diseases, which include fatal heart diseases.

Sugary foods largly contribute to decaying teeth. Parents should help their child prevent decaying teeth by reducing sweets and pop in their child's diet. Lack of nourishing food and lack of dental care is also another major cause that can cause teeth to decay.

Experts are of the opinion that only visiting a dentist and brushing the teeth will not help prevention of tooth decay and that other methods should also be adopted. It is said that tooth decay infection can even spread from mothers to their infant when pregnant. Dental varnish should be given to pregnant mothers. This dental varnish should contain an antimicrobial agent called chlorhexidine, which would effectively reduce the mother's teeth bacteria. Only dentists can apply it to women who are in need of it. Other programs such as nutritional and behavioral treatments to prevent tooth decay are also becoming popular. This treatment to prevent tooth decay not only improves self-esteem of children, but also puts a dazzling smile on their little face.

The participation of a great amount of children has shown the success of the whole decay prevention and treatment program. The most important impact has been the education imparted to individuals. Many have now know the potential risks of tooth corrosion and decay, and are now working to improve their oral and dental health.

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