Teeth Whitening Procedures
Teeth Whitening Procedures Continue Smiling Confidently

Teeth Whitening Procedures Continue Smiling Confidently

Proper teeth whitening procedures are used to correct discoloration of teeth by removing brown and yellow staining. Popular teeth whitening procedures are chemical teeth whitening, mild acid teeth whitening, abrasive tooth brightening and the newest method, laser teeth whitening. Some patients also resort to a tooth bleaching procedure, which is a chemical whitening method often used to whiten the patient's teeth. This procedure can be performed at the tooth clinic or by the patient at home, using bleaches provided by the dentist. In order to whiten your teeth at home, you have to get a custom-made mouth tray from your dentist, which will ensure the correct amount of whitener solution to be used.

You have to follow the tooth bleaching instructions carefully so that the required brightness is achieved. Each bleaching session can last for two to three hours or even overnight during which the customized tray and the whitener is in the mouth. This procedure to whiten the teeth will be carried out for two to three weeks before your next visit to the dentist. These methods are not permanent, as the white effect of your tooth will only last for one or two years. On the whole most patients are pleased with their white teeth. These procedures can whiten the teeth by two or three shades, which definitely makes a difference in anyone's smile.

All teeth do not have the same natural color. The front ones are typically the whitest and molars tend to be a shade less. The goal for everyone is to achieve optimum whiteness, but still look natural. To which shade of white the teeth will become varies with the whitener or whiteners used and the procedure implemented.

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