Gel Teeth Whiteners
Gel Teeth Whiteners – Teeth Whiteners For A Bright Smile

Gel Teeth Whiteners – Teeth Whiteners For A Bright Smile

In the race of gel teeth whiteners, Colgate ‘Simply White’ is the front-runner. This gel tooth whitener is the result of an untiring effort of the technical team of Colgate-Palmolive. They developed a unique formula for obtaining clean white teeth and named it ‘Simply White Clear Whitening Gel’. This gel whitener is a medically effective bleach that has succeeded in producing positive results within 14 days of use. Just follow simple guidelines, and in no time you will have teeth that are whiter than ever before.

This tooth whitening gel is totally home based, easy to use and time saving. It is made with a polymer system that adheres to the teeth without being washed away, so that the whitening ingredients can work for longer hours without requiring trays or strips. To use this whitener you need a special applicator brush so that the gel is quickly absorbed and bleaches easily. Simply White gels are safe on tooth enamel and is a great way to whiten teeth.

The public recognizes the effort of the technical team behind this whitening gel that has positive effects on the cosmetic and personal care industry. It is the effort of the team that this gel whitener is now a household name. People are using it in place of their regular toothpaste for ultra-clean white teeth and a wonderful bright smile.

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