Nighttime Teeth Whitening
Nighttime Teeth Whitening – A New Effective And Convenient Method

Nighttime Teeth Whitening – A New Effective And Convenient Method

The demand for tooth whiteners is on the rise. The Nighttime teeth whitening system introduced by Crest is a fresh, groundbreaking addition. Powered by the new LiquidStrip Technology, the Crest Night Effects whiten the tooth better than the popular paint-on whitener and other brands in only 14 nights. It is very convenient to use, and hardly takes any time to whiten. The whitener works during night time without disturbing your sleep. A whiter tooth, which you may have cherished for a long time, is now easily achievable.

The whitening agent remains affixed to the teeth at nighttime during sleep. It covers the teeth with a gel-like coating, which helps to bleach off the stains. The buildups that cause stains are also loosened in the process. After the night long bleaching action, brushing the teeth in the morning is all that is required in addition to whiten teeth. The gel covering bleaches stains, and the effectiveness of the whitener will show itself within two nights. The tooth surface will be visibly whiter and smoother. The much-awaited smile with white, shining teeth will be yours after 14 nights.

“We are excited to bring this new nighttime whitening option to consumers”, says Bob Jacobs, Brand Manager for Crest Night Effects. “Crest continues to be a leader in the category with another innovative option”, says Dr. Marc Lowenberg, New York City-based celebrity dentist.

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