Teeth Whitening Procedures
Teeth Whitening Procedures – Dentist’s Provide Safe And Effective Whitening

Teeth Whitening Procedures – Dentist’s Provide Safe And Effective Whitening

Even with all of the products available for people to try and whiten their teeth at home in most retail stores, the best place for fast and effective whitening procedures is at the dentist’s office. The emphasis most people place on the way their teeth look is evidenced in the number of whiteners and bleaching options available. While many of the whiteners at stores may offer some results, they often take a long time to show results and some do not whiten evenly. The best and most advanced teeth whitening procedures are available at the dentist’s office and can supply anyone who would like to have a great looking smile with safe and favorable results.

Not every teeth whitening procedure will work unless a dentist is consulted to evaluate whether discoloration is caused by a dental problem or not. Some teeth will change colors as a result of decay, or even from undiagnosed infections. A dentist can identify any problems and begin work with the proper whiteners and procedures. If a person does not have an existing dental condition, the dentist can help him or her choose the best whitener to proceed with.

Most dentists offer more than one choice of whiteners and procedures at their office. Any tooth whitening procedure which uses a tray in the mouth needs to be fitted properly in order to achieve even whitening on all teeth. An ill-fitting whitener tray can cause gum irritation or tooth sensitivity. Using any over-the-counter whitener can increase the chance of tooth sensitivity, while dentists have the skills and knowledge to adjust chemical levels in the bleaching procedure to prevent discomfort.

Different bleaching procedures can vary in the amount of time that will be required in order to achieve the desired whitening results. Some patients would like to have the bleaching completed as soon as possible with an at-home procedure. Others prefer to have their whitening procedures completed by their dentist at the office. Consulting with a dentist is the best way to decide on the best bleaching procedure or whitener for each individual.

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