Pet Dental Health Campaign
Pet Dental Health Campaign – Virbac Embraces National Pet Dental Health Campaign

Pet Dental Health Campaign – Virbac Embraces National Pet Dental Health Campaign

Virbac Corporation, a leading companion animal health company, is embracing a public service campaign intended to educate pet owners about pet dental health. In its initial stages, the campaign has already reached a measurable audience of more than 52 million people nationwide through television, radio and print formats.

Virbac is voluntarily distributing materials about the campaign to veterinary clinics as well as conducting technical training on dental health to enhance awareness. Morris Animal Foundation, a nonprofit organization that benefits the health and well-being of companion animals and wildlife, launched the pet dental health campaign in February 2001. The public service announcement features Emmy award-winning actress and Foundation Board member Betty White and has aired on television stations across the country.

It is currently airing nationally on the CBS television network during the Guiding Light program and during ABC’s Good Morning America in the New York market, reaching the campaign’s primary target audience of women age 25 to 54. Virbac leads the dental care market with C.E.T. Oral Hygiene products for pets.

The C.E.T. line includes patented enzymatic toothpastes and rawhide chews, toothbrushes, and an oral rinse and gel, all of which are available only through veterinarians. Virbac also markets St. JON dental products, which are available in pet specialty stores across the United States.

With fewer than two percent of dogs and cats receiving home dental care, we expect this educational effort will heighten awareness and help inform more pet owners about prevention of gum disease, said Tom Bell, Virbac president and chief executive officer.

Already, we have seen sales of dental products through our distributors to veterinarians increase 22 percent year-to-date. Periodontal disease is the number one disease diagnosed in all pets across all age groups, and it affects approximately 85 percent of adult dogs and cats.

This disease can lead to pain, bad breath, tooth loss and irreversible or life-threatening diseases for pets, said Bell. Pet oral hygiene is an essential part of our pet’s longevity and overall wellness.

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